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Review FF Mod Apk

FFD sneak Ase a cheat result of third-party modifications by pinning some premium features that exist inside such as unlimitting him, auto-headshot, unlimitting co-in, can see which are hiding, no root and there are still many others.

The feature that has been sprayed in ff Modk certainly very profitable for the user, well especially if you want a free diamond. In addition, users can use an auto headshot feature to make it easier to get booyah or victory.

The use of free fire mod is actually not recommended, because the app is illegal and is certainly prohibited by a developer because it will make an unfair and dishonest game.

However, even so, not a few survivors lovers who are looking for ffd big files to get him free diamond and to make it easier to get a victory (Booyah).

A FF Mod Apk feature

One thing that makes free fire mod exert a lot was searched by survivors lovers nothing but it has some advanced features that exist in it. Here are the reviews of the details in ff mod apk the latest version of 2021, please see them right:

1. Unlimit Diamond

The first feature in ffd mod aphid was unlied him diamond. This means that when you use this one application, automatically you already have the amount of him is not limited (unlimited).

Hemond, you can use to buy items in the Garena game that free fire like bundle, skiing the weapon, cube’s magical and others according to what you need at this time.

2. Unlimited Coin

Second, free fire mod had pinned a pinned feature with a unlimited amount of (unlimitt), so you don’t need to gather co-in from the results of the match or log. So you can use this coin to buy the tebaru character in this Garena game free fire.

3. Unlock Weapons

The use of guns in the game Garena free fire certainly will affect it in a game, of course. Every weapon in the game Garena free fire has its own uses. Therefore, the ffd Modk has a feature that can open all kinds of weapons on this one game.

4. Unlock All Characters

FFD also already has the latest feature is unllock all the characters that mean all the characters in Garena’s game will be open automatically (automatically), both the latest and old characters. The character can you use in rank mode, classic and others.

5. Auto AIM

Difficulties when playing free fire games with no other than directing shots so that they could be exactly on the enemy. This does not apply if you use a free fire application, because it has been pinned the latest feature called an auto aim which can direct gunfire to the enemy automatically.

6. Headshot Auto Headshot

A feature that is in the next minister sapling is auto headshot. This means that you can eliminate the enemy is only with one time shots from close or distant. This one feature is very helpful for you to get victory (booyah).

7. Copy the Wall

One of the pretty interesting features of the other owned by the free firepower ap through the one is to break through the wall, trees and so on. Surely this one feature will not have in his original version. To get here are you interested and want to use it?

8. Immune Auto

The next feature that contains in the free fire mod the aptitude is a meaningful life even though you were hit with shots from the smartphone enemy would not be reduced. That way you’ll be very easy to get victory (booyah) in this one game, although not having good xangat skills and qualified.

9. Can See Enemies Hide

Not only until here, free fire applications also have features that can see the enemy even though they have been hiding behind the walls, grass, rock and trees. So it will be very easy for you to shoot from close and remote.

10. No Root

The use of free firepower that one is quite easy even if you will first use it. Because indeed ffd ap this one does not require the root system first.

Free Fire’s Method

  • So that all the features contained in free fire run smoothly, then this one method should be done properly. Then how to use this free fire mod’s in? Let’s see a review of the reviews below well and correctly.
  • The first step, please you Installl ZAchiver application contained in the Google Play Store store for free.
  • Next, please open the application and then File ffp and File-shaped OBB is RAR or Archive.
  • When you have been, please enter into a Internal Stronge folder, then look for the Android folder => Data => Com.dts.freefireth.
  • Next, please change the name of Com.dts.freefireth to Com.dts.freefireth1.
  • Please put it back into the Android menu, then find OBB.
  • Then, please change it again the folder name to become Com.dts.freefireth Com.dts.freefireth1.
  • If everything you have done properly, then please delete it (remove and free fire his original version.
  • Then, please you Install a installment application free fire.
  • Next, please change the name of Com.dts.freefireth1 to Com.dts.freefireth.
  • Please you open a ffd and please play now.
  • Good luck and good luck. Done!

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