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What’s FM WhatsApp

FMWhatsApp is one of the apps you can use to arrange or modify your whatsapp look to become increasingly elegant.

Actually there are still many chat apps with other functions as pilihanya, but this one-piece app use is rated very perfectly from other mods applications.

An excess or advantage of this app is highly secure of bunned, the developer in this app is always active continues. This is done to update on the app so that the user is always comfortable while using this one app.

So you don’t have to worry about whatsapp you don’t follow the update from the original whatsapp application. The FM WA is certainly not available in the Google Play Store store, therefore you can mendownloadnya through our website as the link we have provided follows.

Features Of FMWhatsApp

FMWhatsApp is one of the cool modificationsizes because it offers many additions from the original whatsapp application (original).

Not only cool, on this feature is very useful for users because it is a variety of features not only changing the look, but can add to this chat app’s performance. Various mainstay features of fms are more here.

1. Stopping Lastseen

The Lastigrants showed when the last time online in their respective devices. Well, it’s usually used for ngecek whether that person is online or not, other users can think – guess when that person will open his phone again.

Using the FMWhatsApp app, users can stop or freeze weldern that makes the status online and the users stop at certain times and invisible as online even though sipengguna is wearing whatsapp and sending messages with others.

2. Hide View Status

When you watch someone else’s status, that person will realize that you’ve seen his status because your name is registered at viewed by section. The Fm whtasapp app provides features to hide you from the list of view, it may not be so important.

However, if you are avoiding messages from other people and accidentally see their status, then inevitably you must reply to these messages right? This will not happen if you use whatsapp.

3. Tick Blue Pop After Reply

A tick or check on whatsapp chat has three identity is a gray check for a message to sign that it has been sent but not accepted by the person, tick two grey signs the message has received by the person and check two blue messages to sign the message has been read by the person.

If you want to hide the identity, you can wear the FM WA application so that you tick two new blue appears after you reply to the message earlier. It is useful so that you don’t get caught that you have read the message.

4. Sending Messages Without Keeping Contact

Before you send the message disuatu number, users are required to keep the number terlehih first set of your respective phones. Next, you can send the file and message on the number of goals because the contact has been stored.

The FMWhatsApp application has a feature that makes you able to send messages without having to save the contact first, only type your destination then you can immediately send messages to your respective goals number. It’s so easy, isn’t it?

5. Seeing The Removed Status

The status shared by others will apply about 24 hours or until sipemiliknya removes that status. When it was removed by the sipemilik, then another user could not see the status again. To deal with this, fm wa provide features to see the deleted status.

Users who wear FMWhatsApp application can see the status of someone who deleted his status and amazingly again, sipemilik the status still did not know that anyone saw the status.

6. Seeing Messaging Erased

The feature of a original whatsapp application which benefits the users, yes, the other names are removing or interesting messages. If you do it accidentally or typo sends the wrong message, then you can remove it again before being seen by the recipient.

However, this feature is usually used for fun, many people who are accidentally or deliberately delete messages so that people are curious. If you use the FMWhatsApp application, then you can see the message that is pulled even though the sender has deleted the message.

7. Filters In Entrance Calls

Sometimes we receive calls coming in from other people we don’t want to go through whatsapp application. Now alasanya has a variety like that person sucks, like to borrow goods or money but never be returned, likes to find problems, often spread disgrace, like to bother and so on.

Of course we do not want those people to interfere with our time and lives, therefore the fmimi waxeda app gives one flagship feature is choosing which numbers can call us.

Others will not be able to call our numbers because they are not on the list. Now so we don’t have to worry about being disturbed anymore, how very interesting is not?

8. New Display

Bored to see the look of the wa monotony green and white? You can change the theme and display from the fmwhatsapp app easily and quickly. The trick just choose the theme that you enjoy doing from the available themes in the FMWhatsApp application.

If you feel bored, you can choose the other theme because there are indeed the themes in the application are very many. This theme is often updated by developers and very important, namely all the theme is free and you don’t have to spend a dime.

How To Install

FMWhatsApp apk cannot be obtained through PlayStore, which is why before you do the installment process needed to be “The”.

Well android devices have installed a security system so that the application from outside the Play Store cannot be installed or diinstall directly to prevent the “Malware” that comes in without having to be known by Google first.

Meanwhile, for iPhone and iOS it can be mendownloadnya straight. A way to change the instalisasi settings from outside the Play Store, which is like the following:

  • First of all, please enter the Setting on the device.
  • Next, please enter get Security.
  • Then, please give you a tick or check on your Unkown Source choice so that you can continue your installisasi at the next stage.
  • After “The Setting” is changed, then please find the file that you have downloaded from the link above through the File Manager of your respective devices.
  • App file “FMWhatsApp” has a format of “APK”, then please you directly tape or press the file to start the installation process.
  • Please click Install then wait until the process is completely completed.
  • Done!

The FM WA application will appear in Home or collect the application devices. To open it, then you can immediately press or tape fmwhatsapp like when you open the other application.

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