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What’s GB WhatsApp?

GB asapp includes from the third type, namely whatsapp version which is meant by modifications is software and the original whatsapp application is fixed through the program and coding to produce a whatsapp application by having features, additional displays and settings.

By conducting modifications on whatsapp application, so you will find new things that were not previously in such a real whatsapp application, but very useful for certain people.

Atnfas Hoak as a developer of GB WA provide free-ands are distributed via the internet page. That way, the users can feel quite different flagship features of using whatsapp applications as usual.

Atnfas Hoak together with his team developed the app for more than one year since the first time the GB WA probdk was released or launched, the further development of the app is stopped by the team.

Indeed, it has been stopped by the waGB app team itself, but you can still use this one app and can get these apps on sites and blogs providing them.

If you find waB that always released, it means that this app is developed by another developer passing through this one app development, but not from the developer coming from or not from the original developer.

Features of GB WhatsApp

Because there are indeed the GBK application offers the latest feature which is not offered by original whatsapp, There are lots of android smartphone users who want to try this one app.

Such features are certainly only available in whatsapp applications results, because some of these features are added by developers or third-party developers such as Whatsapp applications and some of the other types of them are like below:

1. Anti-bunned

This one application is certainly not a legal application, but not like most whatsapp application is another. In the GB WHATSAPP app has an anti-bunned security feature (no bunned) so you don’t have to worry about an account and app is blocked at a time’s use.

You can use this one application at any time and is not caught by the development of the official whatsapp application.

However, we do not guarantee keamananya if you do not download the appGB of the wa-apal from website Therefore, you are obliged to download it through the download link that we have provided

You don’t need to worry, because we’ve provided an extremely secure GB pro aptitude (antibunned).

2. App Update

GB of whatsapp is known for the application system update you are done periodically. This is very rare in the modified app, with the update of the system you can figure out that the developer team working behind is those with having a good ability and skill.

Updates that is carried out periodically and constantly show that the original waGB application. Well with so gb wa that often updates have an excellent impact for its users, especially on the cell phone performance that the malware.

3. The Scheduled message

In the era the candy bar, you certainly know that there are some operators that provide scheduled messages or you have also seen some cellphones in the past (old school) who have scheduled messages. Users can regulate their time sending messages (sms) and at a time when already determined, then the message (sms) will be sent automatically.

This feature is available on GB WHATSAPP application so it will make it easier for you to send a message in impossible time. One example is by the time of sending a good morning message for your friend only needs to determine the time early in the day and type the message you will say, it’s pretty easy, isn’t it?

4. Reading Order Erased

GB provides an interesting feature or erase the message for someone. This feature is provided so that when someone makes a mistake when it, then the person can remove it before being seen by others.

Using the Gb of wa application, you can still see the contents of the message. Actually this one feature is a pretty useful feature, but is very detrimental to certain circles. But even so, this feature is one of the cool features that you should try right now.

5. Send Messages Without Number

This feature includes extremely bizarre and as we know, we can call someone by hiding our phone number as when making calls with CDMA or GSM networks, but you still can’t text unable to send messages without number. Not only was the message, in other short-lived messages also no one had similar features.

Very different from the other apps, GB WA pro-apk has a message sending without number to hide the sender’s identity so that the message recipient does not know who is the sender’s message

The way Install GB Whatsapp Pro Apk

After you download the GB WHATSAPP application on the link we have given it above, then the next step please you are installed. However, if failures occur at the time of the installed process, it’s probably the same thing to happen because it is GB WA is an official non and not didownload directly through the Play Store. If you experience this, please follow the following steps instalisasi’s details correctly.

  • The main step, please open the “Settings” menu on your respective smartphones.
  • Next, please come in the “Security” section.
  • Next, please give you a tick mark or check on choices “Unknown Source”.
  • Then, please go on the menu “File Explorer” or “File Manager” in your respective smartphones.
  • Next, please click the file.
  • So the instalisasi process will soon begin, then please click you “Installedl” to start instalisasi.
  • Please you wait for a few seconds.
  • Done

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