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What’s WhatsApp Aero?

As we have explained above the aero mol? Mod means the modifications of aerosapps, namely applications which have been modified to enjoy certain features that you can’t get on original whatsapp.

This whatsapp is released by a developer coming from Turkey, namely bozkurt hazarr. Berfarian is also applied for this whatsapp is still classified as new, because it is only released in 2019.

You’ll get so much if you use this aero wa, because there is something that is quite special than you use other competitors such as yowhatsapp or GB. The unique again in this apilikasi provides a mini-called aerosapp lite.

Features of WhatsApp Aero

For those of you who are curious about what features are in this whatsapp application, then you can see a review of us about what is in this one application.

Because this is also quite important for you to know so that when using the aerosappk on android or iOS immediately understand the function and uses of each below:

1. Can remove Second Checklis

If you don’t want to be caught when there is a chat from someone who you open and read, then the solution can use this feature, which is to remove two list on whatsapp application. The trick is quite easy and simple, you only follow the following steps:

  • First of all, please open a “So” menu on this app.
  • Then, please choose a three-point symbol located next to the top of the screen.
  • Next, please choose a “How Aero”.
  • On the menu “Aero Settings”, please you choose the menu “Security” and “Privacy”.
  • Then, please you scrool to the bottom until you find the “Chat” column.
  • Next, please choose “Contact”.
  • Then check or tick the choice “Hide Tick Second”.
  • Next, please choose a “OK” button.
  • Done!

2. Lost Online Status

If you feel uncomfortable with the online status that is present on whatsapp application and you want to keep the online status visible. Then you can use this one feature, here are how to eliminate online status.

  • The first step, please open the “Privileges Aero” menu.
  • If you see the symbol of three points that is next to the top screen, then you choose “So Aero” is the same thing that the admin already explains above.
  • On the “Setting” page you can choose a “Privacy” menu.
  • Then, please you enable “Hide Last Seed Toggle” to hide the “Last Seen” and “Online Status” on whatsapp application.
  • Done!

3. Filter Calls for Entrance

If you don’t like it or are lazy with people, then want to block it but not until the heart, then you can use this one feature. The way as we have explained above is to open the menu “It”.

Then you choose a “Setting” menu” and “Privacy”, next “Who Can Call Me”, then you just choose one of the three options provided. Then please choose “Everyone”, if you just want to accept whatsaap calls coming from your phone contact. Then, please choose “Nobody” if you don’t want to accept someone’s call

4. Hide Typing Status

For how to eliminate the type status, then how is almost the same as menhilangkan checkers or tick blue two. It’s just that you have to select the “Hide Typing” option, for this one feature available on the aero wa app. So if you want to hide having a status typing while replying to messages in turn, then you turn off this one option in the following:

The first step, please open your aero wa aero, then you choose the menu “Privileges Aero”.

Then, please click the three point next to the right-screen of your phone.

Next, please choose a menu “How Aero”.

On this page, please choose a “Privacy menu” menu.

Then, please enable you to switch “Toggle Last Seen Hide” options.

By activating this option, you will hide the online and lastivate status in whatsapp application.


5. Seeing the Whatsapp Status

The trick you have to visit the ways we’ve given above, then please you stay seeking “Hide View Status” or antidele status.

6. Seeing Messages That Was Removed

Generally if chattan is with second people (cheating), then the message will be removed because of the fear of being caught by someone especially if caught by his beloved wife. But in a chat, it is unconscious that there is the most important sentence for you to know again.

With the insapp application feature, so you can return a permanent message. With this you can read a very important chat sentence.

7. Changing the Whatsapp Theme

Bored with whatsapp look dominates with green colors? Just calm down, on whatsapp application is iOS or android can change the display of an in whatsapp application with free. The theme that is in this one application is so much, so you won’t feel bored.

8. Regulate the Quality of Images Delivered

Before the picture and photos, you send, then the aero application feature has provided the quality setting and photos before you send it to the results of the picture look nice and cool.

9. Faster Performance

At the time you use this one whatsapp application, then the result will be different and looks very much more interesting than you are using another mosapp application. Where the aerosapp application will give you a very professional with a perfect technological sophistication.

10. Has an No. Banned (Anti-Banned)

For those of you who fear the account is permanently skinned, then you can choose an aerosapp application. Because it is indeed on this one app there are features that can ward off the developer’s parties not to administer a permanent account. So use your aerosapp happily and without you have to worry about what a permanent account action.

11. Kostomisasi feature

Not only one kostomisasi which is on this application, but there are many kostomisasi features that have been available for free and can be used in android or smartphones such as samsung, lenovo, realmi, vivo, xiaomi, vivo, xiaomi and so on.

12. There are Many Hidden Features

you would find a hidden feature on this latest version of aerosapp application and not just antibunned options (no sbunned) alone, but quite a lot of its features that we couldn’t name one by here.

How To Install

If you have downloaded the roof files in the link we have provided above, but you don’t yet know how to install it. So please see the steps below:

  • The first step, please download the aptitude file that we have given it above.
  • Next, please keep the apknya file.
  • Then, please visit the “Settings” menu.
  • If the warning “Source Are Unknown”, then please you just turn on.
  • If so, please find the sap and click it.
  • Please you wait until the process “Install” is completely finished.
  • Done!

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