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WhatsApp iOS Apk Features

Whatsapp iOS mod apk is also the same as other whatsapp mod applications such as GB Whatsapp, YO Whatsapp and others.

Of course, all these mod versions have lots of interesting excellent features in them that can be used for free.

It’s the same with the use of the WA iOS mod which has a lot of premium features that the original version doesn’t have.

If you are curious about the interesting features of the Whatsapp iOS (iPhone) mod apk, please see the reviews below.

1. A Cooler Look

The first interesting feature that the WA iOS mod has is that it has an attractive and exclusive appearance, this feature is certainly one of the attractions for whatsapp android users who want to feel the appearance of an iPhone phone.

That way Android users can use wa ios and feel a very different look from whatsapp android.

Interestingly, you can also change the theme according to your own wishes, besides that you can change various types of fonts and customize chat rooms and others.

2. Send Large Files

The use of this wa mod will certainly be very beneficial for those of you who want to send various files with just one message.

Because the article WA iOS iPhone mod apk theme is able to send files with a fairly large size and can send them with just one message.

3. App Lock

Usually to be able to lock an application, especially WhatsApp, it requires an application such as app lock, but it’s different if you use WhatsApp mod iOS.

Because in this iOs WhatsApp mod there is an app lock feature or lock the application, so your WhatsApp application will be locked in privacy. So you don’t need to install a help application to lock the WhatsApp application.

4. Anti Banned

The developer of the WA iOS mod apk has embedded an anti-ban feature, so that its users will be more comfortable without thinking about getting banned.

But we recommend using this WhatsApp iPhone mod, you have to use it properly, don’t make negative things.

5. Privacy Options

The next feature that the WA iOS mod apk has is that it has a privacy feature. This feature is actually the same as other whatsapp mod applications where it can hide online status, is typing, tick two blue and others.

To activate all the features in the wa ios mod apk, it is also very easy because you only need to click on the menu that you activate.

6. Custom Themes

The next excellent feature that the wa ios mod apk has is that it has a wide selection of themes, you can freely change the theme according to your own wishes.

There are so many choices of themes that you can use to beautify the appearance of the WhatsApp application, so you won’t feel bored with the same theme.

Actually, there are many more features in the WA iOS/iPhone Pro Mod Apk, to find out all the features embedded in the WA iPhone mod, it would be nice for you to know for yourself by downloading the application below.

How to Install Whatsapp iOS MOD Apk

In order to successfully install the WhatsApp iOS Apk on an Android device, you need to activate several options in the settings first. Like allow/enable Unknown Sources option.

If you don’t understand how to allow it, please study the tutorial that we share below:

  • Make sure you have obtained the application file, if not, please click the WhatsApp iOS mod apk download link above.
  • Back up the data first, so that what is on the official wa is not lost.
  • Go to the settings or settings that your android device has.
  • Please select Additional Settings.
  • Then go to Security.
  • Give permission to enable the unknown sources option.
  • After that, you can move to the File Manager menu.
  • Select the Download or Download menu, please look for the file you just got, namely WhatsApp iPhone mod.
  • Press the Apk file from the application then select Install / Install.
  • Please wait for the installation of the application to be completed by the system.
  • Good luck.

If it has been successfully installed, please open it and follow all the instructions so that the application can be used immediately. As usual, you need to enter your cellphone number and username.

How to use WhatsApp iOS MOD is the same as using the official version, the only difference is that the features you will find are much more diverse than usual.

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