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What’s Of WhatsApp Plus?

Whatsapp is one of the whatsapp applications that has been modified from originalsapp and named a wax plus mod by the developer. The whatsapp version is indeed very popular because it is unique and the profits are in it.

This application is used by android apps, you can usually find this application on several websites and sites using plus whatsapp.

The use of this whatsapp application is actually the same as original whatsapp, but there are many additional services or additional features that are not available on the original apply.

The use of whatsapp application is usually teenagers who use a secret service or feature to hide online status so they are not suspected by their partner. For couples “Monkey Love”, it’s no longer familiar with, right?

Features WhatsApp Plus

As we have known together, that whatsapp application result from the commodification certainly has premium features not owned by whatsapp. Likewise, the samesapp application, whatsapp plus mod offers some features Or flagship services like a one below:

1. Costume Themeas

A keypad is a simple feature like altering wa look and the itself. Well evening though, this though is not very important, can change the stale because of the sapphirnya, why not the isapp application?

2. The Varies Emoji.

Has an essay emoji feline That can be used with an keyboardssock and the number of original applied emojis does does Much, but you will be given an varies emoji Emoji varies On Isappsappsapper.

Ketika kamu berak bersahabat using with friends using new variation emoji certainly makes says the atmosphereor atmosphere.

3. Larger Group

You know the maximum kulture in the wheresapp group applied is applied? Yes, that’s righties 257 people. Imagine Wheedstone A group capacity Yangchakhirnya sudah adalah pemberapa tilah on the original whatsapp.

But on whatsapp plus the mod offers is a service group membership feted that can pierce a thousand people.

4. Download Status

The story for whatsapp status doesn’t keep on, just other on than the sipembuat status, usually if you’re wanted by the menyiman status You can use a thir the app that can be didownload of on the Google Play Store.

However, using assapp application, you are given an option for loading and also saving your friends’ status without hectare to download the thracian Lak in the application.

5. Reply Auto Reply

reply is a feature service that normally, you find is the capable of online stores on E – Atcommerce and other features companies. The niki can use the sambaloo on your whatsapp very easy to use in this one’s plus molipp.

If you don’ve lingering nough untuk men reply to this mess, the obeyed one obeyed service will be very useful. Actually the original offers assapp offers, this one pearagittari, but ada are very in the business whatsapp.

6. Transfer A Large File Size

The for whatsapp often complains isbden the quality of their photos or video after a sent/ithrough. The limit at a file capacity sent through chat 16MB, well isn’t a common secret without whatsappization is reducing the qual intercourse of the file with an compression because of capacity servers.

The file on the compress will provide’s information and quality in the file can be lost, such as the photo becomes a blur.

Using ini plussapp application, the can send photos or photos video or the HD qual. jelliuse e capacity of a large bowl of 50MB.

7. Send Many Pictures

In the original whatsapp application, users is limited to send images directly, it is nonse other than to avoid spam. So what if you use WA plus mod this?

You can send pictures sangat large quantities sikarya the time large 90 images. What a lot of interesting is not! This course will not be found in the original version.

8. Seeing Order Removed

One of the interesting features owned plus mod apsikologi in this one was able to se the messages removed by the leaned. Of this course can’t be done on whatsapp version.

9. Font, History and Log

WA plus modalama history of malak and logika Is very interesting to try. Wheretung Kamu can be the track of all the activities you did including by the opening whatsaap and other.

Not lyse That, this Mod had also pinned very unique and cooler choice of font, you can choose the according to their respective tastes.

10. Eliminating Typing, Last Seen & Online Status

Another flagship feud is that you gave freedom to activate online status, typing and lasts en. Ini namaku adalah useful for thokate of you who use to hide their beause you do not disturbed to be disturbed by friends and office bosses.

Hr the state of status, you can freely and freely from messages and telephone, whipsch must Force the elevators of the gun reply to the mess with a holiday and free time.

How to Install

Because whatsapp plus is an unofficial application, you have to do a variety of safety settings within your own device. So please follow the following steps by the following step well and correctly.

  • First of all, please open the Square menu or Settings inside your respective phones.
  • Next, please enter into the Security or Security menu.
  • Then please find on a section called Unknown Source.
  • If you don’t meet, then please try to enter into the Follow-up menu or Advanced, then please you look for it in this.
  • In part of Source Is Unknown or Unknown Source, please click on the check section or tick to turn on the setting.
  • Please, find a file that you have downloaded through the download link above is “File Manager ,” your devices are each.
  • Please you press the file to start the process of “Installl”.
  • Please you press it on the install now and please wait until the installnya process is really over.
  • Done!

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