X8 Speeder

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X8 Speeder

X8 speeder ap is one of the applications that can be used to accelerate game speed (game) is very easy and without having to root your phone first. The app can be called one of the cheat applications in order to make it easier to get triumphs in the game.

Yet it is unfortunate, this one app that cannot be used in all games available in Google Play Store except for hinggs domino island, knight fantasy, fate _ goes, surfer and still many more others.


X8 speeder has been equipped with various sophisticated features in depth, certainly it will be very profitable by the users. So what are the features contained on this one app?

1. Speeding up Games

Tired of playing games with gameplay the old enough? No need to worry, on the x8 speeder app has pinned a feature that is able to accelerate games like hinggs its domino island, the surfer subway, fate _ goes and many more others — in additions.

2. Set As Speed

The use of x8 speeder thepk Surely will benefit enough the users, where you can manage the speed of the game you are playing for example being held eight times faster and the other ones according to your own needs.

3. Without Root the Device

The use of this app is certainly quite easy and simple, because indeed x8 speeder applications do not require the root system first, so that you can immediately use this one application to speed of games.

4. Anti-bunned

The use of x8 speeder application is quite safe, because this application is quite different from cheat. So that you don’t have to worry or worry if one day the game you play will be terbanned by the developer game.

5. Simple

The developer x8 speeder application makes this one application with a fairly simple and simple look, so the use is very easy for us to understand. Even if you were the first time using this one application.

6. No need registry

If you think that if using x8 speeder should register the register process first, it is a lot wrong, because this one application that requires no register when the beginning of its use.

7. Mild Files

X8 speeder has a file size that is small enough, so it can be used on smartphones with spek the lower. But not all smartphones can support for the application.

8. Easy Control

For the comfort of users, the x8 speeder app’s development party has modified controls (control) easily when enabling the feature of hack and so on. Even this one control can be automatically active.

How to Install X8 Speeder Apk on Android

After you successfully download the roof above, the next step please you install on your android phone respectively. If you don’t know how, then you can see in the review we will give below:

  • First of all, please download the x8 speeder application.
  • If you have please open the file on your android phone and precisely at “File Manager => Apk”.
  • Please you tape to do “Installl”.
  • If the warning arises “Known Source”, then please appear on it.
  • Please continue the process “Install” and wait until the installation process is completely completed.
  • When you are done, then please open the x8 speeder application, then please choose one of the games (game) that you want to play.
  • Done!