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YouTube Go

YouTube Go is different from the YouTube app. Since the beginning YouTube Go was developed for users who live in locations where internet speed is not so good. In short, YouTube Go is a lite version that comes with its own advantages even though the features are not as complete as YouTube.

YouTube Go contains several features that can save internet data. One of them is the video download feature. After the video is downloaded, you can continue to watch it many times even if the smartphone is not connected to the internet.

When you want to download a video, YouTube Go offers several download options to download the video in low quality, standard quality or high quality. Each option is accompanied by information that displays the respective file size and storage capacity remaining on the HP.

If your internet connection is bad, you can choose the low quality option to speed up the download. Low-quality videos usually still look good when watched on a cellphone because of the small screen size.

Another advantage of downloading low-quality videos, the file size does not take up too much storage space on the cellphone.

YouTube Go saves all the videos you download as .yt files, so they can only be played offline in the YouTube and YouTube Go apps. You can share these videos with others through the share feature in YouTube Go.

Your family or friends who receive it can play the video without having to download it as long as they also use YouTube Go.
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Features of YouTube Go

There are many features of YouTube Go that many people can rely on. Here are some features of the older version that are still in use:

1. Search

The search process is very reliable so you can find videos that are more suited to your needs. In the old and new versions, this search process can run well without any disturbance at all.Search can be done by typing certain keywords. In addition, you can also use hashtags or hashtags. So the content that is opened can be more in accordance with the needs.

2. Related Videos

Related videos will usually also appear when you watch search results videos. With related videos, you won’t be confused about what video to see next. Generally, the recommendation is always something interesting.

In addition to related videos, there are also recommended videos that usually appear randomly. Usually, videos that become recommendations appear according to what someone is often looking for.

3. Playlists

Playlists are useful if you want to play videos multiple times without having to search. You can also create your own playlists. By creating playlists, you can easily put the various types of videos you want in one place.

4. Upload Videos

If you want to participate in the YouTube Go community by sharing videos with each other, you can also upload videos as needed.

Furthermore, if the number of people watching the video has increased and subscribers have increased, the new YouTube Go account can be monetized.

5. Join Channel

In addition to subscribing to the desired channel and considered interesting, you can also join the channel by paying a monthly subscription fee. This way, you can directly support creators to always provide useful videos.

Download the Latest YouTube Go APK

Another internet data saving feature on YouTube Go comes in preview form. So when there is a video that interests you, you can preview the video first before actually watching or before downloading.

YouTube Go is also lighter than the YouTube application so it can be opened faster, especially on low-end Android smartphones.

Because it is lighter, automatically the resources needed for loading YouTube Go are also smaller so that the battery can last longer than when using the YouTube application. Download the latest and free YouTube Go APK for Android via the link below:

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