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About YoWhatsApp

Yowhatsapp is a whatsapp application that has been modified by developer teams and private released in a YoWhatsApp name.

The modifications of software have indeed been crystallized from a software to get cool feature that can only be done by changing the basic code.

Developers usually teach software in ododidak or lususan universities in the department that is associated with software, for example such as a major computer science or information engineering. The initial two letters are YO in the YoWhatsApp app is the initials of this one app developer.

Developers from the YoWhatsApp application, namely one of the people named Yousef Al Basha. Youua Al Basha shares the results of their modifications so that everyone can feel the features provided by Yousef in this onesapp application.

We cannot deny that the features given by Yousef have a uniqueness and also benefits for their users.

The feature that Fouad YoWhatsApp ap throughi application also functions very well and in accordance promised by the developer. One of the features offered in the YoWhatsApp application, namely the capacity of sending files (file transfer) compared to the original whatsapp application.

The users are usually complaining about the capacity of sending pretty small files, one file is sent to have the maximum capacity of fifteen MB only.

Of course in this thriving digital quickly, 15MB is small enough (not much). Let’s see the -fitur feature of the following YoWhatsApp application.

Features Of YoWhatsApp

YoWhatsApp gives an unavailable feature in the original whatsapp application. So the features can only be obtained in modified applications such as whatsapp, the other features are whatsapp and surely features like this have their own uses. Various features from the YoWhatsApp app that you can use are:

1. Send a Great File

As we mentioned above, YoWhatsApp can transfer big files and unlike the original whatsapp version.

The original whatsapp application only allow users to transfer files with approximately 15MB perfilenya, while the YoWhatsApp application can be up to hundreds of MB.

Besides being larger in terms of size, this feature sends files very simplify the users if they have to transfer certain files without having to use Google Drive and other applications.

2. Many Themes Choices

The YoWA application has provided various kinds of themes that can be used for free, so you won’t be bored with the whatsapp look.

You can adjust the desired theme according to their respective tastes. Besides having a dark color theme, Yo WhatsApp apk also has bright and other themes.

In addition, you can use images/photos to be used as a theme on whatsapp application. The theme can be changed whenever you want.

3. Photo & Video HD

The quality of the video and photos of the wa message usually has a decline in quality due to the file compression. Well compression is a natural thing done, a brief message application, but it is quite detrimental to users because it is the details of the videos and photos sent will be lost.

You can choose to transfer videos and photos in the form of the HD and according to the original quality when you use this one YoWhatsApp application.

4. The Emoji Emoji.

YoWhatsApp applications share the latest emoji choices which you can’t get in its original whatsapp application. Pull the emoji offered can’t get from whatsapp the other.

The emoji given by an app that this one shares its new experience of users to message. When you text the message to your best friend, then they can see the emoji you sent and your chat would be even more.

5. One App But Many Accounts

This feature is called a multi-business name, multi accounts is one app which can enter many accounts as well and usually the users to make a clone of whatsapp application to be able to use many accounts.

However, by using YoWhatsApp you don’t have to do anything like before and you can get into many accounts at once. You can immediately switch accounts to wear other accounts and don’t need to replace the application.

6. Story Long Time

Whatsapp has short duration in one story uploaded by the user, namely only 30 seconds. Well within a short enough time the users sometimes cut one video so that it can be uploaded to a story with several parts or part.

The YoWhatsApp application provides a very interesting feature is a story-long to 5 minutes. Well, those 5-minute duration impossibility of supplying the videos without having to cut them first.

7. New Display

The themes in the whatsapp application can not be changed like other chat applications, for example line. Whatsapp application has a very simple look with 2 main colors is white and green. The look is considered monotony of some people, so they’re looking for another alternative.

YoWhatsApp provides changes in view to its users, users can choose themes that exist in this app and change the look at whatsapp application according to your respective wishes.

8. Aircraft Fashion

Aircraft mode or aeroplane mode is used to cut internet networks from cellphone devices. In the YoWhatsApp app shared buttons to activate the plane’s mode.

Well, this is very special than aeroplane of this one mode, namely the internet network that is cut off only on this one app and doesn’t affect all the internet connections of your own.

9. App Key

Lock the application key or lock app can usually get in the safety setting menu in your respective mobile phones.

To lock up whatsapp applications, users must manually give keys through your set and keywords you use are like keywords on other applications.

YoWhatsApp app has a lock app feature or key app key to his own, so users don’t bother giving lock applied over this one through a device setting.

10. Seeing Removed Status

Usually the users can only watch the story or status uploaded by other users at the moment that the status was not yet removed. When it was already removed, the status will disappear from the feed story so you won’t be able to melihanya back.

Using the YoWhatsApp app, then you can see the story that was removed by the person and so you can see the contents of the story. Really interesting right?

11. Hide Writing Typing

One of the interesting things YoWa has is to hide writing when you are typing or replying to messages.

Of course this can be your privacy when you want to reply to messages. If you can open the message it will have a blue tick, this does not apply if kaliann uses this one whatsapp.

So you can freely open a message without worrying about the sender of the message that the message has been dibca/opened. What a lot of interesting is not!

12. Send Messaging Without Save Contact

In original whatsapp the users are required to save contacts of others first before you can send a message to the person.

So by using YoWhatsApp you can text to someone without having to save contacts first. Only by typing your destination number, then you can send a file or send messages to the person.

How to Install YoWhatsApp on Android & iOS

Before you do the installation process, how good you should be sure that you have downloaded the same files from the mod on the admin sharing on the above link.

You need to know that YoWhatsApp is a outer application from the Play Store, you should also enable the security settings menu on your respective phones. The way that is:

  • First of all, please enter into the “Device” menu.
  • Next, please choose the menu “Security”.
  • Then, please find a section “Source Not Known” or “Unknown Source”, then you press the check section for mengaktifkanya.
  • Next, please find a YoWhatsApp application file that you have downloaded earlier via “File Manager” or “File Explorer”.
  • Next, please press or tap the application to menginstallnya.
  • While the menginstall application, then please wait until the installnya process is completely over.
  • Done!